Saturday, November 18, 2006

E At 6

Today is my E.'s birthday. My precious girl is 6 years old.

Some things about about E. She is a sweetheart. In fact, she has already chosen the name of the new baby (if it's a girl - which she desperately wants) then her name will be: "Sweetheart." I have no idea where she got that from.

Lately she's decided that she wants to be called "Waterfall*." Don't ask.

She loves to eat, she hates studying, she loves to color and ride her bike. She LOVES to play with kids. She's the boss, the ringleader, the little mommy.

She speaks neither Hindi nor English very well, but she's darn cute when she does. She's an excellent mimic and should probably get in trouble for mimicing her mommy - way too often - but she's just so good at it.

Her favorite thing to do in the wide whole world is dance. She's actually won contests - ask any member of my family about the "I dance, I win!" incident.

She's my girl.

I could have chosen a cute picture of her - she is the most photogenic person I've ever met. But she pretty much looks like a ragamuffin ALL the time and has recently grown into REALLY bad hair. I figured I'd put up a picture of what the kid really looks like.

So, here she is now, holding a distant cousin - baby holding, also one of her favoritest things.

E. Then. She still has the dimple.

*C. insists on being called "Barbie." (rolls eyes)

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