Thursday, December 14, 2006

Countdown Begins: 7 Days

Today begins the countdown til our Christmas Celebration on December 21st.

We're praying for 4000-5000 people to attend. People who do not know Jesus personally.

We'll have about 14 different Christmas programs of all types and from all age groups. Most of our programs are performed by our school children who are not from Christian families. All songs/dances/skits are Christmas oriented and Christ focused.

The main part of the night is the Gospel messge that will come inbetween the special programs.

Pray for that.

Pray for the seed of the Gospel to fall on Good Soil.

Pray that Satan will not steal the seed. Pray against all kinds of satanic attacks.

Some good news, we have sufficient Gujarati New Testaments to give but we still need Hindi. (please pray)

More good news, we obtained permission from the land owner to use the empty ground in front of our school for the program! God is good.

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