Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Trying To Rest

We are in the last few days of freedom before all the Christmas Season Programs start - and don't end.

Fun? Yes.
Exhausting? Usually. But still fun.

Our carol slinging* program starts on Friday night and goes through the 20th. Martha's engagement ceremony is on the 20th also. The 21st is the Big One Program.

Then there is a small break when we all frantically try to recover, shop and do all those things we didn't do during the previous week.

We start relaxing around Dec. 24th when we have a gift exchange in church. It's a pollyanna where we all put our names in a bag and then choose someone else's. We have a lot of fun getting our names called and opening our gifts in front of everyone. There are gifts for all the children too.

Christmas Day starts with a church service and lunch together with all believers. Then we spend the evening giving our children's home kids their gifts as well as to our co-workers and nearby pastors and Bible students.

We get a small break before New Year's Eve and New Year's Day services, and lunches.

Hopefully, we'll spend this time in follow-up of the people who respond to our Christmas Program Gospel Invitation.

* I realize I mistyped "singing" but "slinging" just seemed funnier and somehow - more appropriate.

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