Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Out Of The Mood

We drove an hour and half yesterday to go shopping.

Wouldn't you know it... the market was closed. Hundreds of shops of sarees and chuniya cholis and shoes and hair clips, underwear and toys, Closed.

Stinking rottin is all I have to say.

A good friend and I are selling some Indian "wears" when I'm in the US, so I'm required to BUY. Not a hardship for a gifted shopper like myself, but when the stinkin' stores are closed. Well, it just put me out of the mood.

I was able to get half of what I needed as well as Christmas dresses and sandals for my girls. They also got to eat at McDonalds, which - to them (and mom) - made the whole trip worthwhile.

Martha and I are going out this AM to get her saree for her engagement. May as well just shop in our hometown... by they way, our first REAL super market opened last week. Snif, my little city is getting all grown up. Snif, again.

* PS, if you are interested in any Indian wears, comment and I'll get back to you.

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