Saturday, December 02, 2006

Women In Charge?

Well, not really. But as of Monday all the men in leadership in our ministry will be gone for some time.

O. and all the other men leaders will head out Monday AM for a conference in South India and right from there will slide over to another state to attend the marriage of one of our pastors. (Pastor Samuel S.)

The only male leader not going is our pastor, but he leaves on Sunday afternoon to host and translate for a team of Americans who are friends of his. He'll return on Sat. AM.

Til then, it's just us ladies. Since it's December all our weekly meetings have been postponed til January, except our Ladies Prayer - which ends next week.

However, every night is full of practices for dances, dramas, action songs and the like for our Christmas program on December 21st (hint- remember to keep praying).

O. also agreed to set an engagement date for Martha - he chose December 20th. Yeah, the day before the Big Day. I've got a feeling that might be pushed back a pit.

Regardless, I have loads of shopping to do, so I think I'll take this opportunity to shop.

I'm also on "maternity leave" from teaching at the Bible College as of December, so I have 3 more mornings a week free. Of course, I also have plenty of computer work that has backed up and other stuff I need to get done, - like decorating. ( I usually do this on December 1st, but since E. has been sick, I've had kids around all day and decorating for me - is Definitely - an alone job.)

Next week - woohoo - it's all getting done!

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