Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pastor Samuel's Wedding

O. is still not here. Well, he was at a conference on Rural and Urban Transformation last week and now he is at the wedding of our Pastor Samuel S.

He'll be home tomorrow night.

We'll all be glad to see him. Sadly, his brother Ramesh and his wife are coming with him. The wedding in her place didn't work out since her family was determined to marry her to the man she was initially engaged to. So, Ramesh and Aruna left there and met up with O.

They are offcially married, I think we need to just move on...

As I was writing this post I got a call from O. who has been with Pastor Samuel for the last few days and they've been traveling and preaching the Word in the city and surrounding villages where our pastor works. There are no churches there and the people are very poor. O. said: You won't believe how poor these people are.

One of our Bible Students, Narsing, is currently with O. for the wedding. He is from the same place as Pastor Samuel and O. says Narsing's family is literally dirt poor. Nothing.

It's been good for O. to have the opportunity visit this pastor where he works. It's quite far from where we live and not any place we would get to on a regular basis, although our Mission Director does.

The best news is that through the last few days of meetings and visiting that 3 people have accepted Christ!

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