Thursday, August 25, 2005

B & N

No, not the bookstore. I would have added an entry sooner than this but my B & N keys were not working yesterday. They went on strike right in the middle of a sentence.

This has happened to me before (I go through a keyboard about every 4 months) so I just shut everything down last night and went out today and bought a new one. Then I came home and thought to try my old one again and it worked, even B & N! Weird.

I have so many entries rolling around in my head but no time to get them down since I’m still getting everything in their right places. This is complicated by the fact that it has been rainy season here and everything that we own that was folded neatly and packed away in cabinets while we’ve been in the US, now stinks. Yucky musty smell. I have to wash everything.

So none of us can put anything away until I pull everything out of 4 cabinets. (O. is tearing the stuff out of one of them as I write.) I just haven’t been able to bring myself around to doing it. The jetlag you know…*

We did have a chance to visit with our co-workers tonight and last night spent some time with the Children’s Home kids. They’ll be over to my house tomorrow to hang out and watch TV. It’s a school holiday ‘round here. Markus, one of our kids, kept giving me eye and hand signals over the balcony and behind an overturned bed to remind me to ask if they could come over tomorrow. (You can’t see me but I’m shaking my head)

*If you don’t know – I despise cleaning and avoid it at all costs. I mean WHAT a WASTE of TIME. You clean it and then – it gets dirty again!!

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