Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I can tell we're getting close to heading back to India because the last few weeks have been full of a flurry of Doctors/Dentists appointments. Today is was E.'s and C's turn to vist the pediatrician.

We (meaning me) don't dread this as much as others since my girls' doctor is also their uncle, my brother. However, it had been over 2 years since they had seen him* and I knew that at least C. was in for a LOT of shots.

E., who has not had a shot of any kind in at least the last 2 years, started asking me as soon as she heard she was going to the doctor if she was going get a "'jection." How does she remember these things?

So this was the big topic all day.
E.: "Am I gonna get a 'jection, mom?" Said with a shaky smile and a nervous look in her eye.
Me: "Um, I'm not sure, ask Dr. Uncle J." Said with a fake smile and a shifty look in her eye.

We had this conversation about 50 times between this morning and 2:30 today when - well - she got the 'jections.

Yes, E. got 3, C.- 4. Poor babies. POOR mommy's ears! Ow! I walked into the waiting room with E. after the shots and a waiting mother commented,"Well she sure has the girl scream down."

Does she ever. At one point when the needle was going in E. screamed so loudly that both my eardrums vibrated. Huh, what's that you said? They're still ringing.

Anyway, we all came home and watched Scooby Doo (I just bought the 1st 5 episodes ever made) and tried not to touch each others 'jection sites. (yeah, I got a 'jection too).

Within the hour everyone was back to normal (not crying) and begging for food.

I guess they're is ok now since E. was chowing down and managed to spit milk and chewed Frosted Flakes in my eye...

*We do visit the Doctor in India.

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