Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Day in My Life

I had a funny and full day yesterday so I thought I would log it here.

Woke up around 6:30. Did all the making breakfast and feeding everybody stuff.
Finished that and actually started on the dozen or so loads of laundry that are piled up everywhere and the ripping all materials out of the cabinets and re-arranging them with the clean clothes, etc.
Worked til 11AM and then went into the kitchen to start lunch. (Lunch consisting of potato & baby eggplant curry, dahl = lentils, rice and chapattis = flat bread)
As soon as I entered the kitchen I saw a couple from our church coming, they stayed an hour.
While I visited with them 2 guys came to run some errands for me and they brought with them, and then left, the 15 month old little girl, Zarina, from our children’s home. I was told she was sick, however they neglected to tell me that she had diarrhea. She proceeded to go 3 times. By the third time I had her sitting on a piece of newspaper.* Good thing too.
At noon the guests left.
Started lunch. Again.
Cut up my potatoes and started them to boil as well as the lentils.
12:15, my friend Vinita and her daughter Rachel stop over.
We visit til 1PM
Start lunch. Again. Again.
Eat lunch with the girls at 2:00.
Go back to the washing, sorting, folding.
At 3:30 I rip the seam out of one of my dresses because I’ve gained 25lbs since I’ve been gone and nothing fits. The dress is crap and the fabric keeps tearing. I throw it on the pile of stuff to give away.
Take a bath.
4PM Go downstairs to relax b/c our Children’s Home kids are coming and I want to spend time with them.
4:20 they arrive. 22 kids, plus E. and the girl who helps care for them.
They talk and watch TV loudly.
4:50 in walks my very good friend, and former neighbor, and her 2 daughters – one of whom is E.’s “best friend.”
Simultaneously my brother-in-law arrives from Bombay. More shouting and wildness as he hands out candy to all children.
Moments later the lady who lives down the streets walks in with the man who is delivering our phone. Lots of shouted conversation.
6PM O. comes home and shouts from outside that all children must leave. The kids beat it out of there like nobody’s business leaving nothing but a generous scattering of crushed chips and numkeen to prove that they had ever even been there.
O., who had not been home for lunch, eats what I made (cold and directly out of the pan) and likes it, offering it around to his entourage and therefore digging himself out of “big trouble” for not coming home to eat it in the first place.
More visiting with old neighbor. 6:45 – She leaves.
7PM we’re ready for fasting prayer at church, head over.
Wonderful time of prayer and encouragement. Greet friends I haven’t seen yet.
Go home. Glad it’s Friday Fasting prayer so no need to worry about dinner. E. & C. are already asleep.
I try to check email and work on this blog but my cell phone** is no where to be found. Figure it must be with O.
8:45PM Go to bed, gladly.

*No diapers over here, just undies from day 1
** My internet is connected thru my cell phone

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