Saturday, August 06, 2005

Just Starting Out

Wow! I have been thinking about creating a blog for months and months and here I am doing it. So far it's not so hard.

I chose the title "All The Little Details" because I have so often wanted to share more about what is going on in my life (especially the part spent in India) but there hasn't ever been a good place to do that. In addition to this there is often more going on behind the scenes that doesn't make it into the general email letters that I send out a couple times a month.

Have you ever wanted to know more? Wondered what runs around in this brain of mine? Well then, this is the place!



Anonymous said...

Yeah, Becky! I'm so happy you went ahead with the BLOG. You know that I will visit often!

dana said...

Didn't mean to be "anonymous" . . . just too lazy to set up an account : ) Dana

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca, This is wonderful. I will sign in later - today is hectic. We may not get down to NJ to see you before you leave. But still trying to work it out.

Love, Carol H.