Monday, August 15, 2005

Not Pregnant

It hit me today as I was driving back from the Goodwill, that this is the FIRST time since my marriage that I have been in the US of A and NOT pregnant or with a newborn. Can you believe that? You'd think I had six kids or something. Nope just 2, but that just happened to be the way things worked out.

It came to mind because the drive back from the Goodwill passes the mini-golf place where O. and I spent a lot of time this summer. That got me thinking about things I - will not necessarily miss but - will look forward to the next time when we visit the US again.

Then this made me think of the next time we plan to visit NJ and how it will be 2 years or the next baby - whichever comes first. You'd think I'd have some idea of which one will come first but I don't. I learned during Baby#2 (C.) that altho we think we are in control of these - we aren't.

All of this is leading up to me writing an entry on things I miss in the US (or look forward to) while I am in India. I'm going to think about it a few days and get back to it later this week.

I do look forward to working on this blog in India. There is SO much more material to work with over there. These last several days the only thing I could think about to write on was - Packing.

Boorrriinnnnnggg. Snooze.

Yes, I pack nowadays. It's what I do. I separate what needs to go now, what can go next month, what can be shipped and what doesn't make the cut at all (hence the Goodwill run). Are you drifting off yet. It can get even MORE boring. (As if that were possible-crazy.)

OK, off to the airport to pick up my hubby! (He's been in Chicago.)

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