Sunday, August 07, 2005


I hit the bed last night and was immediately overcome with a feeling much like fear. What was I thinking?! I've created a blog that ANYONE can read. I'm exposing my inner thoughts to countless numbers of people (ok, well, maybe only 4 or 5 including relatives). But still, I feel a bit like I've just been caught outside in my underwear!

Oh well, underwear or not, I will press on. I'm not really nervous about running out of things to say. I acquired the art of writing in my head during long drives in the car years ago. As a younger person I built stories with my mind and imagined them piece by piece while taking lengthy trips in the car with dad and nothing to listen to but Sports Radio.

In recent years I've written, edited and rewritten entire novels across of the landscape of my brain during hot Indian road trips entertained by loud Hindi music for 7 hours straight.

Writing an entry in the relative* quietness of my own home... no fears, I've got miles of material.

*This entry took about 20 minutes longer to write because i was bugged every thirty seconds by my 4 year old saying, "Hey mom, I did it!" About a thousand times. (We're learning to write our name.)

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