Sunday, November 13, 2005

Arranged Marriages

The talk of the town since yesterday is that a boy who works under one of our co-workers came and asked O. for his sister’s hand in marriage. The boy said that Martha, O.’s sister, also agreed to the “match.”

The scandal was that the boy came directly to O. That’s just not how it’s done, people!

Here’s how it’s done.

First you go to someone close to O. Tell them you are interested in marrying Martha and then get that man on your side. Then that man would go to O. at an appropriate time and broach the matter. That’s the way.

So the fact that this boy basically went straight to his boss’s boss and asked to marry the boss’s sister. Owwwwww. Just not done. Oh no no no no.

O. Not happy.

This morning Praveen, O.’s right hand man, called Martha to get her side. (I know, it’s all just so round about…) Oh, and by the way, Martha is far away at Bible College.

Anyway, she claims this boy called her and asked her to marry him and wanted to talk to O. Martha told him not to say anything, that if she was willing to marry him she’d talk to her brother. I kind of got the feeling that Martha was probably flattered by the boy’s persistency but not really head over heels for him. They barely have even met.

In the end, Martha’s choice of husband is up to her. We’re here to guide her. Her marriage will be arranged and the fact is, she has her choice of husbands. She’s got everything going for her. Beauty, humor, friendly, hard working, God fearing… I could go on. Not to mention a brother that runs a large ministry and a sister-in-law who is an American. Hey, I’m just telling it like it is, these things count in the arranged marriage package.

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