Thursday, November 03, 2005

Two Years

Maybe even longer. Anyway, we prayed for two years for God to send us a worship leader for our church. I can show you the prayer lists for confirmation.

Last spring He sent us someone and this summer someone else! Over the last few months the worship in music in our church has just taken off. Wow! I love to sing (not alone or in front of people, mind you but I love to sing.) So, this has been a great blessing to me.

I’ve slowly gotten involved in singing with the worship teams in our church. I was reluctant before because most of our songs are in Hindi and although I know many of them, there are still many more that I don’t know. I really don’t like standing in front of the mic and not sing for lack of knowing the words or because I can’t read Hindi fast enough to keep up with the music.

However, I started joining - slowing - singing only when the ladies ministry was doing a special song. Then joining in when they needed singers for a school program. Now, tomorrow there is a two day conference in our city with the theme of Music in Worship, hosted by… (I’m not really sure, O. knows). But O. and I are the special guests (Indian thing) and O. is speaking so I’d be there anyway. So today, I wrote down all the songs we’re singing from Hindi into the English Alphabet and I’m singing tomorrow.

This whole, longer than I thought it would be, story came to mind because we had practice from 10 – 1PM today and that’s why I was tired. Still am.

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