Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Cottage Meetings

Every Wednesday night our church has a small Bible Study called a Cottage Meeting. It is held on a rotating basis in different people's homes each week. Generally it only ends up at your house once, maybe twice, a year. It is different from a cellgroup, care group, mini church, etc. in that the entire church is involved and everyone's name/home comes up at least once a year.

They're really fun times of fellowship and as you might have guessed, this week it's at our house. It's coming at a good time, since school is on a vacation and I'm actually free tomorow. (It is the Hindu New Year - Nov. 2nd - and we've been invited around, but you don't actually haaaave to go on the 2nd. Anytime this month is fine.)

I've described meetings like this in another post so I will only write it briefly here.
3 Songs
Testimony by house owner
Short message

So these were the questions on my mind since our family's turn was announced on Sunday. What will I serve? It can be anything from chips and chai to a whole meal. What hasn't been given lately? What is relatively simple? What does everyone like? How many people will come?

I've decided on Meat Curry and Kerala Roti (really good flat bread - I've ordered 150 of them) also Baby Eggplant/Potato Curry for any vegetarians. Pepsi.

I'll make the curries tomorrow afternoon, Phoebe will help me chop the veggies. I did all the shopping today, thank goodness, since my driver is off tomorrow* I'm sure I'll have friends over to help in the afternoon or at least help serve in the evening.

I love entertaining ( I get it from my dad) and after my birthday fiasco - not going there - I decided I'm going give everyone real food. (Hence the above menu) I'm expecting 50-60 people.

You're more than welcome to come.

* Nitin says to me today. "Madam, we should get the meat today because tomorrow is a festival." I said, "Tomorrow is a Hindu festival, but we get our meat from Muslims, their festival doesn't start for a few more days." I did, however, agree to send him to the slauterhouse (that's why I don't go myself) and get the meat today. Later Nitin says, "Uh, Madam I can't come to work tomorrow because of Diwali." So I said, "That's why you wanted to get the meat today." He snickered in response.

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