Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hmmm. What an original Title...

OK, no Thanksgiving "Festival" over here. Business as usual today. I had loads of little errands to do so I got them done this morning, made lunch (eggs), taught my English class (we reviewed the opposites we learned yesterday and I checked their homework which was to use the 12 new words in sentences. Beautiful & Ugly were two of the new words. My favorite original sentence was "He don't like no ugly girl." That one gave me a good laugh. I'm still chuckling. We moved on to numbers after that.)

Back to this afternoon. I found my faithful visiting women, Vinita & Christy (It's Thursday - visiting day). We had just found out that our friend, Shekuntala, was at the hospital, so we went right there. Shekuntala had been sitting alone for 2 1/2 hours waiting for the doctor. We sat with her and eventually the doctor came. She may have typhoid. She's on a liquid diet and meds for 2 days.

Came home, made dinner, went to a birthday party meeting and now here I am, just waiting for Phoebe to finish the chapatis so we can eat dinner.

This was my kind of day. Full. However, E. didn't finish her homework, yeah - not real high on my list.

Now the big question... did anyone have anybody (student, etc.) over for Thanksgiving???

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