Tuesday, November 08, 2005


That's what I was doing and why I haven't been around. I did have a fantastic time tho.

All day Friday and half of Saturday were spent at a mission compound in our city. The program was the 25th anniversary of something but the focus was worship and there were worship teams from all over the state. It was 2 1/2 days worth of worship.

I really love our choir team and what made it better was that my two bestest friends, Christy and Vinita are also on the team and were there. Two days with no kids, no cooking, no cleaning AND then spending that time with my friends (also without children.) No wonder I had such a great time.

It was also a wonderful time of worship. There were about 100+ people there and I loved looking out when it was our turn to sing and seeing God's people from all over our state worshipping Him together.

However, Satan was so not happy about all that praise going to the Father.

The Drama:
After our Saturday section was over the choir team went home while our leader and the instrumentalists stayed. All our instruments were there and all the sound equipment was ours. Sometime in the evening one one of the other singers from a large city in our state for some reason got up and just trashed our worship team* in front of everyone and then said something about O. who had spoken the previous morning.

Our worship leader at that point packed up all our stuff and took it outside to bring home. (It was supposed to stay til Sunday.) Everyone was upset. By God's grace O. arrived at just that time and had them put everything back. The man who spoke against us apologized twice and the people running the conference were actually weeping because they were so upset.

Well, it all got smoothed over but the instruments and sound equipment did eventually get brought home on Sat. night. At least we had them for church on Sunday.

*Our worship team is contempory, with drums, keyboard, electric guitar. The other teams were all traditional music with traditional instruments.

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