Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pictures, At Last

Talk about random. There was a rhyme and reason to how these pictures were gonna go up but they got all jumbled when I uploaded them and so this is the way they're staying.

With explainations:

Here is the worship team from last weekend. The Amazon on the left is me (obviously not from the same tribe as Wonder Woman...)
Here are the musicians (it took me forever to come up with that word) for our team. Notice the "WEL COMES" in the background. When are these people ever going to learn to consult me first before printing anything in English!
These are the people at the conference. Check out the guy in the black shirt going the wrong direction.
E. & C. at E.'s school dance contest. Did I write about this? E. won.

Oh, look at that, here we are again singing last weekend. (We rarely do actions but the guy just happened to pull out the camera on this song.) Christy and Vinita are the ladies to my left. Our Bible students. I promised this picture long ago. I did not take it, I would have never lined them up like this.

E. again. Us (Phoebe, Sumitra & E.) the other week in O.'s village making breakfast. When the old guy on the left saw me pull out the camera he whipped a turban of towels off his head. Guess he wanted to look good.

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