Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Thanks Giving

I know it's one word, but I'm talking about Thankfulness and Giving today so, yeah.

If you never read or have forgotten, please read "My Little Plug." I wrote it in September so you'll need to go to "September 2005" and scroll down to Sept. 6, 2005.

That's where I talked about inviting a lonely college student over for dinner. Thanksgiving is really a good time to do this.

Now would be the time to seek out those good food and good fellowship-starved people to invite over. Don't wait too long or it will be too late.

Ok, that's all. BUT if you do do this (even if it was your own idea from way before) please write a comment and let us know how it went!

* It does not necessarily need to be a college student.

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