Friday, December 09, 2005

Another Engagement

Last night we had another engagement ceremony. This time it was a girl in our church and a boy who works in one of our schools. They're both poor and I was kind of annoyed because O. was asking for money to pay for everything. I had that grumbling in my heart feeling.

Then the girl walked into the room last night and she was wearing a borrowed saree. I recognized it as belonging to another woman in our church. My heart just melted. She didn't even have a new saree to wear to her engagement ceremony (which is a big deal.)

Her father died about 8 months ago in an accident and the family has nothing. She also cried through the whole ending of the ceremony last night - probably because her dad wasn't there. Christy and I were trying to calm her and her mother down. I spent most of the time popping pieces of cake into her niece's mouth to keep her from screaming at the top of her lungs.

I don't have pictures of them because I forgot my camera. BUT, there should be some pictures up on the site of various other things very very soon!

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