Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas Season

You know, I feel it over here too. The busy-ness, the "not enough time," that frazzled feeling of the Christmas Season. I'm up to 2 practices a day - every day til the 22nd. One for our worship team and one for the ladies drama extravaganza (it's not really called that - but that's what it is.) Fun? Oh yes. Cutting into my blogging time? Yes yes.

I'm trying to get up our tree and clean my house (that's not a real high priority on my list but it is on my husband's), grade my English class's first test (more on that later), get to practices and do all the regular stuff we do everyday. Sleep - forget about it.

Oh and guests - did I forget to mention the stream of family members (not ours, our co-workers') who are coming and going til Christmas?

Ok, ok, I love it all ('cept the cleaning) - I just miss those quiet times of sitting down at my computer and filling you in on my daily nonsense, etc.

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