Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Caroling In India

Since Wednesday, we've been Christmas caroling every night. There are 3 teams and we've been to 5 different cities to sing.

Here's the format:
Come to a house and sing "We wish You a Merry Christmas."
Then attempt to sing a Hindi Christmas carol louder than the drummers drum while people dance like crazy and Santa throws candy.
After that we shout and praise God - LOUDLY. Lots and lots of Jai Jai Jai.
Our pastor wishes the families "Happy Christmas", etc. and then one of our team members prays for them.
Shout some more.

(When we draw big crowds we also share the gospel.)

Sometimes they feed us. It's really feast or famine. (On Thursday we went from 3PM to 3AM singing and shouting and got 3 cookies and 3 chais. - we were starving to say the least, same last night. BUT the other night I went I had an entire plastic bag filled with food I couldn't eat...)

Walking to our first house last night.
We sang at over 50 houses last night alone. (No wonder I'm taking a break today.)

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