Friday, December 09, 2005

One Down

Christy, Praveen and I went to a city known for it's textiles this morning to buy 40 sarees for our pastors' and co-workers' wives for Christmas. There was a huge market with literally hundreds of shops and, probably, millions of sarees. We were a little overwhelmed but we beat our way through the "Hello, hello," "One minute, please," "Sister, O sister, you want saree?" and other nonsensical sayings til we found some stalls we liked. Then we sat on cushions and looked at LOTS and LOTS of sarees. We got 40. It was rough. I'm exhausted. By the end we were looking for a saree for me for Christmas and there was nothing I liked and I was totally in a bad mood. I finally said, "Let's go home, I'll just buy a saree in our own city." So home we went.

We had fun. Most of the time.

And hey, that's one BIG job crossed off the list.

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