Friday, December 09, 2005

The Test

I gave the students their test results yesterday. I was fairly pleased with them. One student got a perfect 100. (50 oral, 50 written) It's always the students you don't expect, too. Five others got grades in the 90s, 4 in the 80s, 2 in the 70s, one 69 and a 54.

I started teaching "When do you ___________?" and "I __________ at __________." and also in the 3rd person, yesterday. I gave them homework to write sentences with the questions and answers. I checked them in class today and about half the students did really poorly and not only that but they had obviously copied from one another!

I gave everyone a lecture about copying from one another and then I told them that if they were going to copy, at least copy from someone who has decent English. For crying outloud.

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