Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Santa's Workshop

At least that's what it feels like in here. I wonder if they have mosquitoes in the north pole? After a long hiatus due to my internet connection being down for 3 (yes - 3) days, I am here with good news on the boxes.

We got 'em. Whew! As soon as I got the word that they were on their way (sometime Friday AM EST) I wrote a nice long post. And that's exactly when the internet cut out and decided to stay that way.

Oh well, if you kept on praying, I'm sure God had a good purpose for it. We do Praise Him for getting the boxes of Christmas stuff and for finally bringing my hubby home. yay yay! O. said, 'Because of your prayer, everything got done." Ain't it the truth.

I've got 31 boxes prepared and ready to wrap and more in waiting. It's gonna be one happy day for lots of kids on Christmas.

I already gave our Children's Home kids their jackets and they are gorgeous! I have pictures. I'll work on getting them up tonight.

Thanks to all who prayed!

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