Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Green Baby?

For each of my three children, there has been a fruit.

That sounds like the beginning of a B-rated movie.

But really, with E., my first, I couldn't eat enough plums. I ate as many as I could get my hands on. For C., it was strawberries, I probably ate over a pound a day in my later months.

The funny thing is, E. is my darker skinned child and looks GREAt in Lavender.

C., who is several shades fairer than E. and of a pink complexion, looks fabulous in Pink.

For this baby, the fruit I can't get enough of is Guava. Have you ever eaten Guava? It's heavenly. Not overly sweet or tangy, it's actually peppery in flavor. You can eat the whole thing, just cut off the top and bottom and then cut it in slices and add a little salt. Yum.

While looking for the above picture I learned a few things about a guava. It is a berry and it actually has 3x as much Vitamin C as an orange. Go me.

Every culture has it's wive's tales when it comes to whether or not you're having a boy or a girl. In the US we often get predictions from the shape of our pregnant bellies. In India, it's whether you crave tangy or sweet.

Tangy means girl. Sweet - boy.

For E. & C. I definitely craved tangy. Both plums and strawberries are tangy.

But a guava is not tangy at all. Hmmm, we'll see in 5 months if the wive's tales are true or not.

But back to the title of this post. I ate purple fruit and E. came out dark. I ate red and C. came out pink and fair. I'm eating Green this time around...?

Funny, unrelated Plum story. On Sunday one of our Children's Home girls was looking at my hair and said,
"Mommy Sahib, your hair is the same color of that fruit, you know the one that's purple on the outside and red in the middle."
I said, "Plums."
"Yeah, that's the one!"

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