Friday, September 08, 2006

O.'s House - Again

O. is in Rajsthan with the team doing flood relief there. He also hopes to FINALLY put to rest his father's land problem.

A small amount of money still needs to be paid for the final registration to be accomplished. He has the money, we're just praying that the nasty neighbors will just sign and be done with it and not raise any more stinks.

Pray with us!

Interesting side note story:

A few months ago when our daughter, E., had her fall from the 2nd floor window of our house (see: "Old Pictures" posted on Aug. 31st for pix of the accident & My Wonder Child & My Wonderful God from June 6th for the story.) O. was Rajasthan working on this land problem.

We praise God that E. was saved and miraculously spared from death and all kinds of harm. Now here is the interesting part. Around the same time that E. had her fall - just 10 days or a couple weeks later, the son of one of the neighbors who caused all the land problems in the first place, fell from a tree branch to the ground - AND DIED.

When I visited my sister-in-law in Rajasthan in June I asked about the accident. The boy - who was about 13 years old - fell from a tree branch that was not even 6' off the ground. He did not land on rocks or roots or any other hard thing. He fell on to dirt.

He was a healthy, 13 year old boy who fell from a height of not even 6' on to DIRT and he DIED.

Our 5 year old, E., fell from a 2nd story window on to bricks and iron rods and was unscathed.

God certainly takes care of His own.

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