Friday, September 15, 2006

O.'s Troubles

This Land Problem in Rajasthan is a mess. I cannot even stand to write about it except to say that O. is STILL there. The Land is still NOT registered back in his name.

1 of the 6 brothers is still not signing. He and some others have made a political issue of the whole thing.

O. was evading police on Wednesady night while Praveen's father sat in jail. That got solved through prayer and God's grace AND THEN the next day the "enemy people" went to the mayor of the city to stop the registration saying that we were doing it by force and that we were just here to change people's religion.

Well, that's always a Hot Topic - changing religion. It got everyone fired up.

Fact is, it's our land, they stole it, we BOUGHT it back from them and now they're not willing to sign.

Satan is behind it all. It's SOOOO stressful for O. He cannot even function. He was on the verge of a breakdown on Wednesday night. Pray for him.

Yes, yes, we'd just let the land go too, but his father lives on it, is unwilling to go anywhere else, and because of the problem O.'s father and sister are constantly under threat of beatings and abuse by the neighbors. O. and his entire family was born on the land for who knows how many generations. O.'s mother is buried on the land. So, there's a lot of stuff going on.

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