Monday, September 18, 2006

Militant Nation

I was looking over at the wood cutting factory behind my house today and saw a tent and a bunch of people in Orange. I thought it was a wedding or maybe because on Saturday Navatri starts and Diwali soon after (2 big Hindu festivals).

Then, a little while ago my nephew, Prakash, says, "The RSS* are training next door."

I said, "I saw them, I thought it was for Navatri or something. So what are they training for?"

"They're learning how to beat people."

"Heh heh, no really, what are they training for?"

"How to beat people."

He went on to say he saw them in another location near to where one of our pastors lives. The pastor, who as a younger, non Christian man, was involved with them, told Prakash what they're doing.


I guess they are in training because of the holidays coming up and I'm sure the Pope's recent comments on Islam play a factor.

Hello, just because he lives in all Roman Catholic Vatican City doesn't mean the rest of us do. Thanks a lot for making bad situations worse.

*RSS is a Hindu extremist organization. They'd like India to be all Hindu. They're main fight is with the Muslims because they're more, but they are also the Christians main adversary in India.

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