Monday, September 04, 2006

Our Children

I've had this post rolling around in my head for a few days now. I've wanted to put it up, wasn't sure how to write it, so I'm just going to write it as it is.

We have a Children's Home for the children of our village pastors who do not have any good place to educate or care for their children.

Currently there are 24 boys and girls, ages 2- 14, that we care for. A family stays with them in the house that we own and they are the children's caretakers.

We've recently enclosed the porch outside to provide more room for the children to sleep. Before this, the boys were sleeping in the living room because there were only 2 bedrooms in the house. One for the family and one for the girls. Now the boys have their own place to sleep.

However, the porch is outside of the house and the outside area has become a stronghold for Satanic power. Previous to this some, of our children and the wife of the family who cares for the kids have often been attacked in the night by pressure on their chests. This is a common form of satanic oppression that I have experienced myself several times. But outside of the house the attacks were more physical.

Last week one of our smaller boys was pushed down, dragged into the new porch room, pushed under the bunk beds and his head was smashed against the wall til it bled. None of the other children who were around knew what was going on.

When the boy, Rahul, came out, he couldn't speak for some time. It was several minutes before he could tell what happened to him.

A day or so later, our oldest boy was standing outside brushing his teeth at 5:30AM - alone - and was pushed from behind and he fell down and banged his shin.

O. was informed on Monday night when the first incident happened and he went to pray and every night thereafter. I also started praying from home before sleeping.

Then, on Thursday, September 31st, we had our monthly fasting prayer. About 20+ of us come together in fasting on the last day of every month and pray from 10-4PM for all areas of ministry. This past Thursday we prayed til 2PM and then walked to the Children's Home and spent the rest of the time there in prayer.

We surrounded the building and prayed, then prayed in every room and area. We originally purchased the house from a Muslim family and they were the builders of the home as far as I know. It's interesting because I tend to relate this kind of spiritual activity mainly to Hindu homes where the previous owners had set up their idols and worshipped day and night. It's the main reason why I avoid living in houses that were lived in previously.

In this case, I'm not sure what is causing the attacks but, as Christy - the house mother in the Children's Home says - the more we are praying with the children in the mornings and at night and growing in a spiritual way, the more Satan comes and attacks. That's the truth.

Pray for our kids, as we pray for them. I believe in the coming days God is going to use them powerfully for His kingdom.

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