Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Actual Ceremony

I have very few pictures, but it was a lovely service outside in the HOT sun. The poor bride and groom and party suffered.

Afterwards the pastor asked me, "Was my sermon really long? Everyone is saying it was."

I said, "No. but it was really hot outside and it probably felt like eternity to those standing in the sun.

I had to take someone's sweater and put it over my head to block the sun and I still got sunburnt.

There were about 800 people present and we did get to give a good Gospel message and a much needed message for married people.

Thanks for your prayers. It was a fun, whirlwind, and blessedly uneventful trip.


Matt Mikalatos said...

You have my favorite blog.

Many congratulations on the new member to your family!

Rebecca O said...

Well, you have just become my favorite commenter.

Pretty much you're my only commenter, but you know...