Monday, January 22, 2007

Last Post Probably

We leave our city at 9:45Am tomorrow and will be in Bombay for 2 days before catching a flight to NY late Wednesday night.

Church yesterday was hard, but I only cried 3 times and we said goodbye to our children's home kids last night but they didn't realize that it was the last time they would see us, and I chickened out and wasn't inclined to inform them, so I was able to get through that fairly well.

I'm sure lot's of people will be hanging around tomorrow as we leave and it will be a not fun time. But once we get out of the city it will be just my family and our nearest and dearest who are going for visas as well as dropping us off.

We're all pretty much focused on the visas right now. That's on wednesday morning (India time) so I can't really think about the - parting - yet. Sigh.

When are they going to invent a cheap Beam Machine so we can beam ourselves here and there for the price of a phone call. Huh HUH?

I have no idea the spelling of beam , altho I prefer it with 2 "ee"s.

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