Friday, January 26, 2007

Visas Denied

As for the 4 guys who went for visas on the 24th, they were denied but encouraged to reapply.

The main question was - "Why do all of you have to go and not just one?" (we all think this was a stupid question)

Which makes me think their hesitation was financial. The four guys were registered as a group and their affidavits of support were all from the same organizations.

We're going to have them reapply as soon as possible as individuals and beef up their support documents.

Most of the Indians we know who have recently gotten visas were rejected several times before they actually were granted the visa.

As for us - we were really sad and disappointed. ALL of us. It wasn't shocking but sad. We've been in line for this appointment since August 4th and within an hour and a half - it was all over.

The waiting time for visas is much shorter now, so they're going to restart the process and see how soon they can get another visa appointment. We'll wait and see.

Thanks for praying. We have peace knowing it was all God's will. And hey, we're used to nothing ever being easy for us.

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