Monday, January 01, 2007

Into The New Year With A Fall

We had a nice night of testimonies and worship last night at church during our New Year's Eve Candlelight Service.

Then at midnight we hugged and went downstairs for chai and samosas (really.)

My 3 1/2 year old daughter C. was sleeping so I luggged her into my arms and hiked my almost 8 month pregnant self up onto the scooter for the short ride home.

We reached our house safely but when I attempted get off the scooter my pant leg hooked on to the kickstand (unbeknownst* to me) and down C. and I went. I landed on my knee and rolled slowly onto my back. C. was fine, her legs were wrapped around my waist so one leg got a little squished but she was not permanently injured in any way.

I, however, slightly skinned my knee and somehow wrenched my little toe. It's black and blue and very painful today - the toe that is. I just try to walk slowly and hope no one notices.

When it comes to embarrassing falls (I know all about those) or painful ones - I'll take a painful one anyday.

* I have no idea of the spelling of this word.

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