Saturday, January 20, 2007

Peace - Shanti - Shalom

In whatever language you want to say it, I have it.

The last 2 days have been unexpectedly and pleasantly - peaceful.

I know it's prayers. You only get this kind of peace when people are praying for you.

As much as can be, things are set to go and I rarely stress too much about the packing, etc. (at least when coming from this side). I registered out from the Police station today which was, amazingly, a 1 stop, 10 minute procedure. The necessary stuff is getting done.

It's the Goodbyes that really get me. Since my breakdown on Tuesday, I haven't shed a tear. Now, tomorrow is church, lot-O'- goodbyes, but there is a time for tears. Sometimes you just gotta go through it. I'll just bring a hankie in my purse (not surgecially attached) and do what's got to be done.

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