Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Day Baptisms - 2007

We had a baptism service after our New Year’s Day Service today. 7 people were baptized.

I couldn't go, or rather, I chose not to go. The political/religious climate in our state and basically in INDIA is such that baptisms are Big Political Stinks. So, we do them but we're not showy about it. All our church believers could go to the river for the baptisms and no one would pay attention, but since I am the ONLY foreigner in who knows how many miles, I attract a lot of attention - wherever I go.

We didn't need attention.

I nearly killed me not to go, but it was the best thing. Esp. after my toe injury of last night.

So, I sent my camera instead and got the pictures a little while ago.

This is the first picture I saw and it got me immediately teary. This boy is a convert from Hinduism, he lives in our city. His father and neighbors are against him for his belief, but for several years he has faithfully attended church and participated in everything. He's extremely helpful and desires to study in Bible College.

I had no idea he was getting baptized today.

His name is Prakash, please pray for him.

The group photo of the baptized and the baptizers. (All of the 7 are coming out of Hinduism and one is one of our Bible Students.)

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