Tuesday, February 28, 2006

In The Hospital

Well, Sangart is in a hospital in our city as I write.

I walked over to visit him this AM with C. I arrived soon after our pastor Anoop and our Bible College Director, Madhu, had left. They prayed with the family and then went looking for me. But I didn't know that. I stayed and talked for a while, another believer had met up with me on the way and walked with me there and stayed for a while too.

After he left I shared the gospel with Sangart and instructed him how to pray the sinner's prayer if he was ready to do that. He wasn't able to speak and was in pretty bad shape, although the swelling had gone down considerably from the day before and he had gone to the bathroom the night before - something he had been unable to do for a while. So this was all good.

Ok, Back to Anoop and Madhu looking for me. While I was in the slums, they were running all over our city searching for me to give me a report on Sangart because they knew I was concerned. In their travels they went to our Primary school and saw an ambulance out front. They rushed over and were relieved to find that it was only the director of a Muslim Welfare Hospital in our city. They were holding some function and invited someone from our church to come.

After they talked about that Madhu asked the director if they knew anyone who would take a look at Sangart and shared the story with him. The man said, "Bring him to my hospital immediately." Madhu said, "No you don't understand, these people come from the slums, they only make (about $12) a month." The director said, "No problem, bring him over. I'll only take a consultation fee of (50 cents)."

Is that God's timing or what! So, Sangart is in the hospital. Since it is a charity hospital they are only asking whatever we can raise. They suggested at least $250, which is do-able. We'll collect donations - and blood - from everyone we meet. (You have to give your own blood here, so 2 Bible students gave today and many of us are standing by ready to give.)

It turns out that the director of the ONLY hospital* in our city with dialysis equipment just happened to come to our school today. Did you get that the first time around?

Sangart's diagnosis in the hospital today was 2 days to live without treatment. Let's see what happens with treatment - God's orchestrated it all so far. We're just going to keep on praying like that persistent widow...

*We were not informed about this hospital when Sangart was with the doctor on Saturday. It's possible that the 2 hospitals (far away) that were recommended to us give commissions for referred patients and this Muslim hospital doesn't. Sad but true.

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