Friday, February 03, 2006

Land Pictures

A view of the land we put a down payment on a couple weeks ago. The entire cleared area to the boy in the back is ours.
Another view. The house in the background is being built by our school builder for his family. He'll build our house as well.
Another view - E. in the background.
Closer on E. In back of the low gray building in the back center is a main road.
This is interesting. The yellow house in the back right is the house we lived in for many years. I stood on that roof more times than I can remember praying for this land that E. now stands on. At that time there was nothing there and it was covered in bushes and brambles. I had no idea what God had in store... Anyway, we love our old neighbors and the area and we also get the best drinking water in our city!

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