Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Ladies Meeting That Wasn't

It's been so long since I've been able to put up a real post that I'm not sure where to start.

It's been a full week to say the least and I'm still backed up, but I'm waiting for some files to attach so I've got them time. Actually, we have guests over right now and I should be downstairs visiting but ... well...

Back to my post. On Thursday the ladies ministry team from our church was called to another city almost 2 hours away to conduct a ladies meeting. We have a baby church there and we hoped to go and not just conduct a meeting but help them kick off a ladies ministry.

We were a little confused then when got a call from the pastor as we were leaving for the city asking if O. was coming. I said, No. He never planned on coming. The pastor called 2 more times, begging me to bring O. At that point we started to get the idea that this wasn't going to be just a small gathering of women.

It turned out that two days earlier the pastor got the idea to do a large outdoor meeting for everyone! Unfortunately he didn't tell us. O. never came and neither did anyone else. It was just us 5 women.

So, instead of a small gathering of 20 or so women in someone's home, we were the special guests at a meeting of over a hundred men, women and children.

Thank the Lord the lesson I prepared wasn't women specific and since there was no one else, I was the special speaker. ( I spoke on what I wrote a few posts ago - What I Learned.)

We were all a little dissappointed because we never got to do our little ladies meeting but we can always try again in a few months...

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