Saturday, February 25, 2006

Why It Was Hard

God started speaking to me about the issue of abortion among Christians in India five years ago. One of the reasons it has been so hard to address is because it’s so open.

That sounds weird but think of it this way… I know for a fact that 3* of the Christian women in the room tonight have had or have thought about having an abortion. Why, because they’ve told me or I came to know about it through some other means.

Now, when I’m talking about this topic, those people know that I know. The same situation for Vinita. Do you get the point?

I thank God for one women who spoke to me for a long time afterwards. She shared with me a couple months ago that 5 years ago she had 2 abortions. We talked about it at that time, but I was wondering how she felt in the meeting.

First we talked about the translation and some of the problems inherent in that but then she said, as we were going through God’s Word verse by verse that she couldn’t help thinking about that time 5 years ago and her own abortions. She said, “I don’t think I was alone in thinking about it.” I said – I don’t think so either.

It was somewhat difficult for me to speak about this topic in a group situation with her there but she is a woman that I know has a very humble heart and that helped. I was glad that she was willing to talk openly after the meeting. Praise God.

She also mentioned that she wished the talk had been taped so it could be shared with more people. Actually, Vinita and I hope to be able to share on this same topic in other areas. We want to make ourselves available to our pastors’ wives working in other cities and villages to come and speak to their women on this same topic. Eventually all those drops might just fill up the bucket.

*Lots more than 3 of the women in that room tonight have had abortions.

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