Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wedding In My Living Room

I never imagined when I woke up on Friday morning that we’d have a wedding in our living room that night. But we did. Our newest co-worker, Suresh, went to his home state to collect his mother, sister and 2 nephews who live with him and brought a girl back with him. O. knew it might happen.
I had no idea.

The girl was the daughter of a pastor that Suresh was friends with in that state. Her father engaged her to her 1st cousin and she didn’t want to marry him. (yeah, ewww). Anyway, the girl, Archana, told Suresh last week that she had been praying for him for 6 months and that she wanted to marry him and she would also love and care for his family. (Which is a big thing, I know, they’ve lived with me in the past.)

Long story short, she came with Suresh and his family on Friday, without informing her parents of what she was doing. They were married by the courts in our living room on that same night and married in the church the next day.

If I hadn’t known Suresh very well for the last 8 years I’d think he was crazy. None of us were real happy that the girl’s family hadn’t been consulted at all, but we were stuck between a rock and a hard place by that point. Once again, we were trusting in Suresh’s character.

Here are some picture of the service Friday night.

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